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    Information about Packages & the WAHMS Involved

    I have carefully created these packages for not only babies but also mums. With offering carefully selected products all of which are beautifully made included in each package along with various options to cater to all budgets there is something for everyone.

    The amazing WAHMS I have agreed to support me in this journey and include their products have also been carefully selected  - all products of which I have used myself and the nappies in which I have and still currently use on my toddler. 

    With each package you have the option to choose the style of nappy you would like included. These vary from AI2 (inserts that snap or lay in), Pocket (inserts are stuffed into the pocket) and side snapping where there are no snaps at the front. * subject to availability 

    I have included a snap shot below of each WAHM including the type of nappy they are including in the packages.

    Cabella Creations - Emma

    About the Maker:
    Located over in WA, Emma is mum to Annabelle and Caleb...which is how we get to Cabella. After trying other MCNs and having no such luck on her son, Emma decided to make her own. It was with the support and encouragement from Emma's family to start selling them the business began. Without turning back, I have loved every moment of it and the amazing people I have met in the cloth community. 

    About the Nappy:
    Single row OSFM pocket nappy based on the MLS pattern. The inserts can be stuffed in the pocket or just lay them in (booster is topped with a stay dry layer). Comes with a thirsty 2 layer trifold (2 layers of 500gsm) plus a booster being 2 layers 500gsm and a layer of suede. 12 waist snaps, 3 rise snap settings, a super soft suede lining and soft bouncy elastics that are sure to sit beautifully on bub. Fitting approx. 4kg-17kg. 
    (The fit is approximate and will depend on the build of your child.)

    For Their Future - Wendy

    About The Maker:
    Caring for her first child, Louis, Wendy was dismayed by the amount of waste involved in baby care, an endless array of single-use and non-recyclable products slickly marketed to parents as quick and easy ways to keep baby clean and healthy. For environmentally conscious and time poor parents, choices can appear limited. Sister to a biologist (Vanessa) and an ethicist (Leanne), Wendy knew there had to be a better way. Reaching out to the cloth community, Wendy sourced patterns and fabrics and got to work creating cloth nappies for Louis with a contemporary twist — these were not the towelled nappies Wendy and her sisters once wore! After achieving success with Louis, Wendy reached out to the cloth community again, having her second child Nico (during Melbourne’s stage 4 lockdown!) along the way. Her cloth nappies were thoroughly tested by cloth-loving parents during this time. After receiving significant positive feedback, we are excited to announce we will be launching in February 2021! Made in Melbourne, our lovingly hand made cloth nappies and accessories provide busy parents with the opportunity to make ecologically sustainable and ethical choices when it comes to their children — for their future.
    Wendy is the owner and maker behind For Their Future, a small business driven by an ethics of sustainability. If we don’t take care of the world we live in now, what will be left for their future?

    About the Nappy:
    Our Boston Cut nappy is a single row snap configuration. It is a trim nappy with an estimated weight range of 4-17kgs, depending on the shape of the child. It features double pocket openings, tummy leak guard, tummy elastic, reinforced wings and is lined with athletic wicking jersey to keep baby cool. It comes with an extra long snake topped with microfleece and an additional booster targeted at those super heavy wetters.